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effective treatment
for ongoing stress,
burn-out and trauma 


Feel more energy, strength, confidence, connection, ease,
resilience and presence

narm™ - somatic experiencing® -systemic work

Verbinding hulpbronnen heel zijn
you recognize this ?

  • You long for more connection with yourself and others.

  • You would like to be able to express your needs better.

  • You would like tot trust yourself and others better.

  • It is hard for you to ask for help.

  • You would like to stand up for yourself more.

  • You often shame yourself or feel guilty.

  • You would like to be more in touch with your own borders and be able to express them better.

  • You keep on going but inside you know and feel that it is too much.

  • You would like to understand your emotions better and be more in touch with them.

  • You would like to process an overwhelming event

  • Fear, panic, anxiety, palpitations, shallow breathing, excessive alertness or irritability, agitation, insomnia.

  • Depression, exhaustion, feeling of helplessness or powerlessness, loss of strength in the muscles.

  • Dissociation, feeling that (part of) your body is not yours, limited spectrum of feelings.

  • Denial: "The trauma did not happen or is not important".

In my practice I work with the above themes in a safe setting where I work from the here and now.
We make a focused research in which from increasing awareness, thoughts, emotions and sensations can be given a balanced place again.

What you can experience after a number of sessions:

  • A feeling of connection, well-being and presence arises.

  • A healthy relationship with your partner, colleagues, friends and acquaintances.

  • You feel vibrant and resilient.

  • You are productive.

  • You are curious and open.

  • Fysieke gezondheid.

  • Able to express needs.

  • You are able to set clear boundaries.

  • You are creative.

  • Have more decisiveness.

  • You experience more peace.

  • You have more confidence.

Click here for more info about how i work.


Somatic Eperiencing Amsterdam - NARM

Koen Verzellenberg 
Mind-Body therapist

My expertise is to help you become an expert of your own internal world.

effectieve behandeling bij stress en burn-out
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