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Over the past 20 years I became interested in how to live in a way that is enjoyable and healthy for me and my environment. The deep realization the effect of persistent stress has on ourselves and our environment has moved me to start working in this area. What ways of survival do you develop and what do you really need from it here and now?  How these persistent patterns still can play out with all the painful consequences.

Out of this this interest I became a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and NARM Practioner and work with knowledge from Transactional Analysis, NLP and Systemic work. Furthermore, I am a dedicated practitioner of  Ashtanga yoga and pranayama and have a deep interest in Advaita Vedanta.
I am available to anyone with an interest in healing themselves, living in connection and living from full potential.

I live and work in Amsterdam, online and face to face.

By regularly attending courses, workshops and retreats with various (international) teachers, I keep my level up to date and continue to deepen my knowledge. SE (Somatic Experiencing) teachers were and are: Larry Heller (Phd.), Sonia Gomez (Phd.), Steve Hoskinson (Phd.) and Doris Rothbauer. NARM teachers are: Larry Heller (Phd.), Arne and Tove Mejdahl and Elisabeth Schneider-Kaiser.
My teachers at Phoenix Opleidingen were Wiebe Veenbaas, Anca Poll and Alex Lagas and
Conny ten Klooster.

Over the years I have learned (and still do) to take things step by step and learn from them and integrate slowly into increasing maturity, gentleness, strength, vibrance and presence.

Certifications, activities, training and professional association:

effectieve behandeling bij stress en burn-out

  • I am a certified NARM Practitioner by Laurence Heller (Neuro Affective Relational Model), founder and director of NARM International. Via Bodymind training.

  • I am a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner by SEN Foundation for Body-Oriented Trauma Therapy and EASE European Association for Somatic Experiencing. Via Bodymind training courses. 

  • I am a certified yoga teacher.

  • I have successfully completed the medical and psychosocial basic knowledge training in accordance with PLATO.

  • I give sessions at retreats in the Netherlands and Germany.

  • Burnout and therapeutic approach.

  • Professional communication at Phoenix trainings: Systemic work, TA and NLP. Furthermore, we work with other schools of thought, such as Bodywork, Gestalt, Hypnotherapy, Quantum Psychology, Psychoanalysis and the Ridhwan School. 

  • NARM Master training.

  • NARM post master immersion training.

  • NARM post master "In the Depth of NARM and in the depth of ourselves.

  • "Dreams and imagination" met Peter Levine

  • Craft of the heart, mastery in individual guidance at Phoenix opleidingen.

  • EMI Eye Movement Intergration with Rachporn Sangkasaad

  • Advanced Strategies for Sexual Trauma and Sexuality
    with Ariel Giaretto

  • I am registered as a BATC paramedical naturopathic therapist in accordance with PLATO at the BATC professional association and am registered under complaint and disciplinary law.

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